NMN NLG NLG Polido Shining Office

Shining Office

Natstone has several solutions for different types of spaces or preferred atmospheres.

This is a perfect solution for an office full of class and refinement, where brightness and reflection contrast with the sober tone of the NLG natural stone, creating a sophisticated environment. It is a greyish colored limestone, with a grain that can range from fine to medium and occasionally has lighter or darker areas. The shade variations depend on the grain and it can have a more grayish or bluish color depending on what you want.

A special polish is applied to transform the NLG stone and give it reflections that create an optical illusion and give the space the feeling of being larger, an important feature in offices or common areas. The 68 years of experience in transforming natural stone, both with large equipment and with delicate and artisanal procedures, allows Natstone to have full production capacity in its sector, regardless of the size and scale of the project.