About Us

Natstone S.A. is a Portuguese company with over 65 years of experience and know-how in the processing of Portuguese limestone. Our main areas of work are external facade, internal cladding, urban landscaping, internal and external flooring, collumns, kerbs, balustrades and CNC stone work. 


Founded by José dos Santos, Manuel dos Santos, Manuel dos Santos and Álvaro Agostinho dos Santos, the company  “José dos Santos (Eugénio) & Irmãos” was created in order to manufacture and apply  Natural Stones and Ornamental pieces for the various branches of civil construction.


With the sustainable growth of the company “José dos Santos Eugénio & Irmãos, there was a need to change the name to “Eugénios” mainly to facilitate the growth of the brand  in the Portuguese market


In 1990 it was decided to change the company’s name to “Sogenius”


After the Benedita plant was moved to Rio Maior, the company name was changed from “Sogenius” to “Natstone Pedras Naturais e Rochas Ornamentais S.A.”. This decision was made due to the growth of the company exports, and to establish the “Natstone” brand as a synonym for the quality of Portuguese Limestone through out the world.

Natstone S.A.

As a processing company, Natstone makes its commitments to the environment and community involvement as an integral part of our strategy. From ensuring the safety and protection of our employees to facing the challenges of climate change. We always try to act in a sustainable and responsible manner every day.