NLG F Azul Valverde Fossil

The stone NLG Azul Valverde is a gray colored limestone with grain that varies from fine to medium. It occasionally presents lighter or darker areas. Its variations depend on the grain, and also on the gray/ blue tone it presents.

Aplicações recomendadas

Stone finishes


Smoothing of the material in order to represent a smooth texture with slight reflection.


Polishing process of the material surface to ensure a shiny texture.


Exposure of the stone’s surface directly to a high temperature flame in which the end result is a fine and adherent roughness.


Creation of small craters, blasting silica sand against the material with an air gun, which highlight the color of the stone.


Application of an hammer called “Bujão” in the material to generate craters, randomly distributed on its surface.


Process of breaking the stone manually, in which the end result will be an irregular, chipped and natural texture.


This finish is applied so that the surface exhibits a texture with irregular reliefs and adherent texture.

Projects with this stone