Touch Stone and taste Coffee

We are a Portuguese company with more than 66 years of experience and know-how in the transformation of natural stone. Our main areas are the supply of finished stone to the construction industry. One of our main goals is to carry out any kind of project according to the needs and projections of our clients, be it a project of thousands of square meters or a small scale piece, that is, always aware of the future and evolution.

Both coffee and natural stone are products with a transformation history of hundreds of years, specially extracted from Nature. In this context, Natstone, as a natural stone processing company, cares for innovative concepts and new product solutions.
Stone is a characteristic and identifiable element of each region. It is a natural element with an enormous cultural value that we always intend to value. Although its use and application varies from region to region, it was the only resource for construction for many centuries. Stone is such a noble and fascinating material and is used by many architects and designers who value the use of stone, whether expressively or constructively.
With this in mind, we idealised a prototype of a natural stone coffee cup (” Touch and Taste “), which aims to explore and stimulate some of our senses, in this case touch and taste.

The records of each civilization come to us almost intact, some have suffered changes, other cultural habits have remained and after a few thousand years we can see the way of life different from what we have today, but in which the basic principles are the same, which is to work to feed ourselves and build to shelter us, so that the stone and coffee are example products that endure globally.


Sensory stimulation of touch and taste


Diogo Malanho

Used materials

Natural Stone

It is always a challenge to visualize how a piece looks before starting, especially because we are working with a natural material in which any sculpture is defined by the interaction between worked surfaces and the natural shape of the stone.

In this case the elegance of the texture of the natural stone and the tones of the coffee allow a perfect relationship that provides warmth and brings Man closer to Nature.