Maria Pia

Maria Pia

“Maria Pia”, in honor of Queen Maria Pia de Saboia, is a washbasin concept for interiors and exteriors, designed in Portuguese natural stone. This product is distinguished by the irregularity of its shape, accompanied by various types of finishes and worked reliefs, which dictate its particularity and extravagance.

A pure symbiosis between the beauty, properties of natural stone and human creativity.




Diogo Malanho



The creation of this piece results from the influence of styles from the last two centuries of the history of architecture and design, in Portugal. As we go back in history about 160 years ago, we are faced with the time of romanticism – the reign of D. Luís I, king of Portugal and the husband of D. Maria Pia de Saboia – an artistic, political and philosophical movement that emerged in the last decades of the century XVIII in Europe that lasted for much of the 19th century.

Basically, this piece portrays exactly the clash of influences in art history, from the celebration of romanticism to the simplicity of contemporary design in the 21st century. Its particular irregularity and shape are evident in its consequent abstract conceptualization, which makes this sink a unique design piece.