Creativity and the need to solve problems will always be variables combined with innovation. In this context, Natstone returns to bet on conceptual products that aim at the effectiveness of natural products, namely, in interiors, as is the case of these switch bases and sockets in natural stone, which in a way result in a unique, innovative design solution. and sustainable.

Switch base made with NMN stone.

Diogo Malanho, Head Architect at Natstone, responsible for the concept, tells us a little about this symbiosis.

“Throughout my training and profession, I have followed examples from several minds that have inspired my methodology and contextualized my imagination, in the search for design solutions. In this case, we present a unique solution produced by combining the natural beauty of portuguese stone and creativity, with all the potential to be used in architecture and interior design. It is also important to mention that for these models we used beige stone and gray tones (in order to show the product in two different shades), as is the case with NMN and NLG stones, also allowing for the use of other varieties of natural stones that Natstone presents in its vast catalog. ”

Natural Stone Bases.
Examples of application in various types of limestone.

What are the advantages of this product?

In this context, we give examples of some of the biggest advantages in choosing this type of part:

  • The use of a natural product, contributing to a whole environment of sustainable development;
  • Since it is a base for installation on walls, it prevents the accumulation of dirt resulting from the use of switches and sockets;
  • Despite becoming an additional fixture, we highlight its easy installation;
  • A beautiful design solution for any interior project, the result of the symbiosis between the quality of Portuguese natural stone and creative thinking.
Bases de pedra natural para itens de iluminação. Um conceito de criatividade e Sustentabilidade
Switch and socket made in natural stone.


This type of piece will always be an example that Natstone will always take into account when developing concepts and solutions, boosting, in turn, the potential of natural stone in architecture and innovation and at the same time promoting portuguese natural stone together with sustainability.