Natstone in Surface Design Show - Sensory Finish
Natstone in Surface Design Show - Sensory Finish

at SDS23 in London

Natstone was present at the Surface Design Show (SDS23) in London along with 180 other exhibitors. The Surface Design Show is a unique meeting that brings together the architecture and design sectors in the same event and had around 5000 visitors in this edition.

Located in Islington, at the heart of London’s design district, SDS23 provided a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with the public and was the perfect platform to generate new business in Europe’s architecture and design industry. This international event offered us a variety of opportunities to launch and showcase the latest innovation in natural stone surfaces: our new “Sensory Finish” collection. At stand nº 619, we presented finishes that transform the way we feel natural stone.

These are sensory finishes with a velvety look, contrasting tones and unique materials that stimulate simultaneous the pleasure of observation and other senses, such touch or even smell. It was a real success, visitors were surprised by these new vibrant surfaces with a sophisticated and timeless look. All finishes are currently being processed at Natstone, which guarantees their durability and quality. Be sure to follow this new perspective on the natural stone ornamentation art and let your imagination and creativity shape the world as you see it. Natstone’s “Sensory Finish” collection is here to help you do just that!