NBA Brecha Sto. António

The stone NBA Brecha Sto. António is a light gray/ brown colored limestone. It presents medium grain with some golden and crystallized areas. It’s a limestone with relative hardness, and its variations depend on the amount of crystallized areas.

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Stone finishes


Smoothing of the material in order to represent a smooth texture with slight reflection.


Polishing process of the material surface to ensure a shiny texture.


Formation of small smooth and wavy reliefs on the surface of the stone through the execution of brushes under high pressure.


Creation of small craters, blasting silica sand against the material with an air gun, which highlight the color of the stone.

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Additional information


EN 12372 2006, EN 13755 2008, EN 1926 2006, EN 1936 2016

Water absorption

On request

Ice Cycles


Apparently density

2620 Kg/m3



Compression Resistance

140 Mpa

Flexural Strength

13 Mpa