NMN Contour BlockStone

While developing the NMN Contour BlockStone project, the themes approached were related to generative design, parametrization, digital manufacturing, prototyping and with focus on the Contour techniques and on the transformation in Natural Stone through waterjet cutting.

The stone is an identifiable element and of strong regional characterization, it is a natural element that transports us to a certain nostalgia. The cultural value of stone is felt in every NATSTONE project, so the NMN Moleanos type of stone was inserted in the project site.

Natural stone does not speak but we can learn a lot if we predispose ourselves to observe it. We don’t hear words, but we certainly understand a long and rich history, this element of nature can transmit us a range of feelings and knowledge, but we will never remain indifferent to it.


Natural Contour


Diogo Malanho

Used materials

NMN Moleanos

Year of manufacture 2021 | 3000x1000x100 | 150kg

The idea was to create a large reinforced Natural Limestone door that would not break continuity with the wall. With that in mind, we created this natural limestone door that blends in perfectly with the background, making it an almost sculptural element. The goal is clear, the door is striking and elegant.