Natstone cladding

MYSTUDIO Building Bragança

Having a long life cycle, high energy efficiency, easy maintenance and being an highly efficient recycling material, natural stone is a valid alternative for many material applications such as concrete and steel.

As demonstrated by this incredible building located in the north of Portugal, in Bragança. Built in the year 2000 and inserted in a clearly urban context, maintains intact the original light tones look thanks to the natural stone external coating.

One of the several successful examples developed by Natstone that highlights how decoration and façades cladding with stone is not only a matter of design or aesthetics, but also of durability, conservation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Natstone’s 67 years of experience ensure total quality in the natural stone industry, from raw material to final architectural implementation.
Our state-of-the-art technology and large machinery enable a lower energy cost and a very low level of pollutant emissions, while providing tailored applications, special cuts and innovative surfaces.
We opperate anywhere in the world and have highly specialized professionals who seek to combine the best stone with each project specific needs, in an individually planned match.

The improved durability and easy maintenance of natural stone, extends building longevity, contributing to a future less dependent on carbon solutions and thus becoming an asset for the entire community.


Bragança, Portugal




Residential / Commercial