180 layers of stone perpective

180 Layers of Stone

“180 Layers of Stone” which, as the name implies, is about 180 sheets of various types of stone accompanied by their most used finishes.

From the creamier stones – example of NMN and NMC – to the bluest or grayish ones – such as NLG and NMZ -, and even the limestones with more veins and crystals – NBA and NAP – together make up this unique structure. Along its structure, through the union of these layers of natural stone, the Natstone logo rises, which in a way symbolizes our history and how it was born within the area of ​​the Estremadura Massif, as if each piece symbolized a landmark historic.




Diogo Malanho



Since its foundation, Natstone has cared for the notoriety of Portuguese natural stone and its immense potential, namely, in its transformation and application in various styles or branches of design and architecture. We often have a reflection on how such a massive, colossal and primitive material can become something so fragile, sensitive and, consequently, interesting. Limestone is made of these particularities. None is the same suitable composition, whether it is a material with more or less grain, fossils and, in certain cases, veins and crystals. And this is extraordinary.

A project execution consists of several steps. In a first phase, we have the 3D mock-up of the structure, subdivided into 180 unique pieces and application of textures to scale. Each of these parts will be machined to measure using CNC milling machines, which are then forwarded to the manual finishing section. Of these manual finishes we highlight the brushed, flamed, polished, honed and sanded.

180 layers of Stones panel schematic180 layers of Stones panel 3d

It was with this basis of inspiration that we thought of a concept that would show the human being what natural stone really is, and how its irregularity becomes such a peculiar and interesting art form. Basically, we studied a hypothesis to show a greater variety of natural limestone, of different tones, with irregular grain and veins and all possible finishes.

Desde a sua fundação que a Natstone se importa com a notoriedade da pedra natural portuguesa e o seu imenso potencial, nomeadamente, na sua transformação e aplicação em vários estilos ou ramos do design e da arquitectura. Muitas vezes temos a reflexão de como um material tão maciço, colossal e primitivo se pode tornar algo tão frágil, sensível e, consequentemente, interessante. A pedra calcária é feita destas particularidades. Nenhuma composição é devidamente igual, quer seja um material que apresente mais ou menos grão, fósseis e, em certos casos, veios e cristais. E isso é extraordinário.

A Natstone é feita destas coisas. A criatividade, a paixão, a metodologia e o orgulho de transformar elementos que a Natureza dispõe ao Homem, desde a sua criação.