Exterior Coating

Raised UNI DUO

The most innovative and fastest system on the market for natural stone walls is the “Raised UNI DUO” system
The natural stone used in this system is the NAM Ataíja Mix, which is one of the hardest limest limestones extracted in Portugal, allowing the most varied uses mainly for walls, cladding or exterior pavings. With a splitted-faced finish and easy application it makes any project attractive, natural and of quick application.
Inspired by architecture, art and nature, we combine traditional techniques of transforming stone with contemporary construction techniques that transcend any architectural style. We consider two fundamental concepts can direct an architectural work: Contrasts and Harmony. In this case the materials with rustic characteristics can be applied in countless situations with the possibility to play between the rustic space and a contemporary space making a contrast, but remaining in harmony.


Raised Uni Duo


Diogo Malanho


Nuno Eusébio

Used materials

NAM Ataíja Mix