Natstone finishes

Natural stone a very eclectic material
that allows many finishes

Natural stone is a very eclectic material that allows many finishes, textures and shades. Explore the possibilities and select the finish that best suits your taste and project. Surface finishing is more than an aesthetic issue.

The first choice has to do with the type of stone, considering the technical characteristics for each surface and then chose the finish and the desired shade. You may want flamed and feel the texture of the stone or you may opt for a more polished and smooth look. The stone we choose and the treatment we give it has a huge impact on the way spaces are designed.

If you want a customizable surface, natural stone is the perfect element. You can carve limestone into any shape imaginable, or etch marble with ornate and imaginative designs.

You can choose from a wide variety of finishes, each with unique characteristics that adapt to the desired style. Some finishes accentuate the natural beauty of the stone, making it an aesthetic element in its own right, while other finishes are more functional, helping the specific use of each space.

Before making a decision on a finish for your project
consider these natural stone finishing techniques:

Exposure of the stone’s surface directly to a high temperature flame in which the end result is a fine and adherent roughness.

Process of breaking the stone manually, in which the end result will be an irregular, chipped and natural texture.This finish is applied so that the surface exhibits a texture with irregular reliefs and adherent texture.

This finish is applied so that the surface exhibits a texture with irregular reliefs and adherent texture.

Smoothing of the material in order to represent a smooth texture with slight reflection.

Polishing process of the material surface to ensure a shiny texture.

Formation of small smooth and wavy reliefs on the surface of the stone through the execution of brushes under high pressure.

Creation of small craters, blasting silica sand against the material with an air gun, which highlight the color of the stone.

Process of breaking the stone manually, in which the end result will be an irregular, chipped and natural texture.

Application of an hammer called “Bujão” in the material to generate craters, randomly distributed on its surface.

This finish is applied using indications from our creatives with both artisanal and technological techniques.

Natstone has craftsmanship and technological efficiency to provide you with the limestone, marble or granite you most want, we make natural stone adapt to your projects and preferences. Our main priority is to provide a service of excellence to the customer, backing this we have 66 years of experience and a set of international operations in the most varied countries.

We have superior quality materials available and we use the most modern tools and the most sophisticated cutting machines on the market. Technology transforms the stone to our taste and need and helps us in our industry’s uncompromising commitment to the environment.

These state-of-the-art technological resources combine with traditional manual craftsmanship, in an genuine involvement with the community and its culture, something that we include as a central part of our strategy.

If you are interested in our natural stone materials and services, be sure to check out some of the steps to a successful project:

1st – Contact us before you start your project, we will discuss your idea and present a design and several options;

2nd – Visit our showroom to select the color and type of stone according to technical characteristics.

3rd – We will give you a quotation within 24 hours;

4th – Let our staff take care of the following. With our years of experience and craftsmanship proficience, we will provide you with the stone that best suit your project.


Our craftsmen use manual techniques and modern technology to create unique and custom features in your next project. Contact our team today to find the right stone and the perfect finish for your space.