In a scenario in which there are no events or fairs, where we usually have a presence in all its editions, we are obliged to reformulate our options. There were many ideas and hours of creative thinking, around the objective of how we should approach the target audience, in order to provide an experience that conveyed the greatest sense of reality.

That was the origin of our showroom, inserted in the event Marmomac Digital – Restart Edition. A physical and also virtual space where we expose architectural ideas, with its own design and the quality of the best natural stones.

“Since the initial briefing, our intention was to be able to show something very concrete, taking advantage of this scenario to show the creativity, prestige, quality and all the method that the company has. There are many years of history working on these values. Values ​​that will last, regardless of the world panorama, through our ability to adapt to today. In this case, this space is born from the work of each one of the company, from those responsible for the projects, to those who execute them and to those who know how to work with stone as nobody else knows. In short, the important thing is to provide a dynamic, unique experience and make known what Natstone does. ” – Diogo Malanho, Head Architect at Natstone.

In terms of the functionality of the virtual showroom – available on iOS, Android and the Web – users will be able to move around the various points scattered throughout the space, and observe each detail at a 360º angle. Within the space will be exposed our catalog of products and finishes, portfolio of projects and also some of our artistic installations.

It is important to note that, although it is part of the Marmomac event, this virtual space will serve as a continuous display on our website, which allows us to create our own events, addressing new themes and innovative concepts.