Prémios Nacionais de Arquitetura FORMA 2022

National Architecture Awards
FORMA 2022

And so it ends the “Architecture National Awards FORMA 2022“, an initiative organized by Ideas Forward and AP – Anteprojectos and sponsored by Natstone. Once again Natstone supports and promotes the best of what is being done in architecture and construction in Portugal, thus promoting natural stone as a construction material, sustainable and with a reduced carbon footprint.

We are here to answer the call when it comes to help in projects related to architecture and construction where stone has been recognized as a material of excellence with high performance technical and aesthetic features.

With a jury composed of several architects with recognized and awarded work, this initiative culminated with the awards ceremony that took place on October 26 in Lisbon, at the Thalia Theater and was attended by Her Excellency the Secretary of State for Housing, Dr. Marina Gonçalves who did the opening honors, highlighting the essential role of architects in ensuring quality in construction.

Natstone wants to highlight the winners for the excellent work done on national territory and for the quality of their projects. and the winners are:

Single-Family Housing Category
“Blue House” by Architect Ricardo Bak Gordon

Collective Housing Category
“Bairro da Cruz Vermelha” by architects Alexandre Dias, Bruno Silvestre and Luís Spranger

Collective Equipment Category
“Library and Archive of the Municipality of Grândola” by architects Pedro Matos Gameiro and Pedro Domingos

Category Public Space
“Accessible Trail to the Estrela Basilica” by architect Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Emerging Young Category
“Casa das Janelas Verdes” by architects Paulo Dias, João Varela and Ana Isabel Santos – Mesa Atelier

The Teaching and Research Mention highlights architects who continue to research new processes and tools applied to practice. The Mention was awarded to the work that has been developed by Arch. Alexandra Paio.

The Innovation Mention highlights other ways of acting in architecture, contributing to broaden the contribution of architecture and its impact on society. This mention was awarded to Rádio Antecâmara, curated by architect Pedro Campos Costa.

The Career Mention highlights architects of reference and who serve as inspiration for future generations. The Career Mention distinguishes the exceptional work of architect Bartolomeu Costa Cabral.

Congratulations are in order for this initiative that promotes the architecture of excellence in construction.

The organization:

Ideas Forward