Last July 7, 2022 an innovator event was held in the Industrial area of Rio Maior, with the theme Business and Technology. It was a free event that brought together Industry and Creators, with a focus on business and new technologies. An open doors day wich show the new realities, where the virtual already cohabits in our day by day, whether in business or to create new realities, new products or new ideas. The Mix Reality – Open Day event was located in Universo N and had the participation of speakers such as Soraia Quarenta from BQ Lawyers, Diogo Malanho from Natstone, Diogo Vargas from Webzina and Alberto de La Fuente from Maratti. Who joined this event to give valuable input on new trends in technology and the impact on business. Lawyer Soraia Quarente spoke about the impact that new rules will have on technology businesses biometric data and the new laws for meta data.

Meanwhile, the architect Diogo Malanho, presented the new architectural solutions for the natural stone market and the steps taken by this millenary industry, that nowadays presents itself as an added value for the environment and in terms of durability of this raw material. Alberto de la Fuente presented a speech more focused on business, where he highlighted the difference between price and value, giving as an example the price and value of natural stone. Diogo Vargas presented the great evolution within the web, describing the evolution from web 1.0 to web 3.0 and the new challenges that arise with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the synergies between operators and programming within the digital revolution.

From 2pm to 6pm, visitors had the opportunity to attend free lectures in diferent areas, exhibitions and interactive experiences with the aim of making known some of the news in technology, business and the impact that technology will have on the future business. This event also had the participation of the Mayor of Rio Maior Filipe Santana Dias and the Vice Mayor João António Lopes Candoso, who highlighted the great challenges that are appointed especially for this region, that wants to stand out in the creation of new solutions, both in terms of technology and business and jobs creation.

The end of the event was a moment of networking , where it was highlighted the importance of places like Universo N, where companies can find convergence bridges and a privileged place for the emergence of startups and new ways of creating businesses in synergy with local industry. And thus attract new, and qualified staff to the region.

A big thank you to Casal do Conde and Mercearia 41 for the excellence of your products.