Afrodite em Fluxo Paramétrico Marmomac 2023 Verona

Are you planning a visit to Marmomac in Verona this year?

If the answer is yes, we are delighted to invite you to make a stop at our “A matter of stone” space, located in Hall 1. Here, you will have the opportunity to witness an artistic intervention where architecture and the design of lines and icons, created by Architect Diogo Malanho and Designer Nuno Eusébio, come together to showcase the transformative capacity of our company.

In this spirit, Natstone Natural Stones will present at our booth the full potential of stone and a sensory experience that will be represented with a timeline that takes us through the history of Portuguese stone and, at the same time, the history of its transformation.

Touching a stone will enhance an immersive and interactive experience, with natural stone as the guiding thread that will lead the visitor through the entire evolution process in the transformation, up to the latest innovations developed for the most recent stone applications. This is a truly unique and innovative work – “Aphrodite in Parametric Flow.”

A work created by our architect Diogo Malanho, which reflects the result of the latest research into new uses of natural stone, as evidenced by the victory in the Iconic Awards 2022 – Rat für Formgebung – German Design Council, competition with the NMN Contour Blockstone project, as well as this new project, “Aphrodite in Parametric Flow.”

A statue composed of thin layers of stone, and as the author describes it, “the contours of this work create a constant sense of movement, as if Aphrodite were immersed in an eternal and majestic flow. Each angle offers a unique perspective, inviting the observer to engage and explore the subtleties of the form.” – Diogo Malanho

The result is an astonishing piece that must be experienced in person.

Therefore, I extend an invitation to everyone to witness this and other innovations developed by Natstone Natural Stones showcased at Marmomac 2023, Hall 1, Stand 15.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Verona and sharing this exciting event with you!

Afrodite em Fluxo Paramétrico Afrodite em Fluxo Paramétrico Marmomac 2023 Verona