Pedra Natural Golden Spider

Beautiful combination
natural stone

Beautiful combination between two types of natural stone to create a sophisticated and distinctive atmosphere. The NTB, a local and natural stone, and the imported Golden Spider, a stone full of charisma and personality.

Bookmatched Applications

The presence of veins is the dominant motif and its irregular arrangement makes it suitable for bookmatched applications as well, which is a key factor in material choice and conditions the taste and choices of architects and designers, recognizable precisely by these characteristics that make it a precious and rare stone.

NTB Amarelo Lírio

The bathtub is in NTB Amarelo Lírio which is a yellowish limestone that presents grain as well as veins. The grain is brownish colour and may also have some reddish veins.

Comfort | Magnificence | Versatile

This combination of tones provides a sensation of comfort and magnificence, being versatile and easy to work within the new concepts of design. You can find these and other stones in our showroom to choose the one that best suits your upcoming projects.