Visita à fábrica transformação de Pedra Natural

at Natstone

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a factory visit for a group of visitors. The group was taken inside the factory, where they were given a detailed explanation and demonstration of every stage of the stone transformation process, from its raw state to the transportation of each final piece. The level of technology at Natstone and their production capacity left a strong impression on the group. They were also amazed by the meticulous manual finishes and the expertise involved in the entire process of transforming natural stone.

Another important aspect for the students was the company’s environmental concerns. They were pleased to witness how resources are used consciously, whether it’s the utilization of solar panels or the circular management of water resources.

Natstone would like to express their gratitude for the students’ visit and extends an invitation to anyone interested in learning more about the world of stone transformation. Simply get in touch with our services and schedule a visit. We look forward to welcoming you with exciting news and valuable information on the best practices in the transformation and development of projects using natural stone.