Fachada em Pedra Natural Natastone

Transform raw material into
an architectural implementation

Our passion for natural stone is not limited to what nature creates, our goal is to transform raw material into an architectural implementation that meets our clients’ needs.

Like this incredible Mosque located in Paris, in the middle of an urban context, stands out because of its size as well as its light, enhanced by its light-coloured façade and large windows. For this façade we used Portuguese limestone in light tones and fine grain, giving it a uniform background that contains about 3500 m² of natural stone with a smooth polished finish.

This was another successful project developed in France, where decorating or cladding the façade with natural stone is not only a question of design or aesthetics, but also a question of sustainability, durability and energy efficiency.

Our 66 years of experience ensures total quality, from raw material to final architectural implementation. Our skilled professionals seek to match the best stone to the needs of each individual project. With state-of-the-art technology and large machines, meaning lower energy costs and very low emissions, we can provide tailor-made materials and applications, special cuts, innovative surfaces, satisfying the needs of customers all over the world.