tendências e inovações no urbanismo

Trends and Innovations in Urban Planning

During the early hours of the morning, the Natstone team hosted a conference on the influence of natural stone in the construction industry and the new trends and innovations in urban planning in both public and private spaces. They presented the entire development and transformation process, as well as the creative processes that set the company apart as one of the most innovative in the sector. The conference, led by the Natstone R&D team, brought together architects and urban planning professionals to discuss the latest trends in urban planning.

It was an enriching experience to be able to share this knowledge with the participants and showcase the endless possibilities of natural stone. We witnessed how it becomes a true expression of creativity and innovation.

Throughout the presentation, all participants were amazed by the fascinating aspects of this material, ranging from the diverse varieties of natural stone available to the design techniques and transformation methods used to create exclusive and sustainable products.