Backlighting is a decoration concept that is increasingly considered in interior architecture and commercial surfaces today, culminating with natural stone that can create incredible effects. Translucent stones such as marble or onyx, with vibrant colors and irregular veins, become fantastic solutions for backlit walls, countertops, stairs and even bathroom furniture. However, creativity has no limits for this type of use of natural stone, a perspective by Diogo Malanho, creator of several unique concepts inserted in this theme.

“To the extent that natural stone can be used for various purposes, these ideas eventually emerge and compensate for a need or just provide an effect that, in turn, results in a unique and versatile solution. In this case, marble is the most suitable type of stone due to its transparency, color and veins. It becomes almost impossible not to imagine a landscape through all these unique characteristics of marble. However, it is also possible to create patterns that can be enhanced by LED lighting, creating a unique contrast between natural stone and light. ”Diogo Malanho, Head Architect at Natstone.

One of the advantages of LED lighting is also the fact that it is possible to manipulate and adjust the various types of colors possible, in a customized way. However, if the intention is to highlight the colors of a certain type of translucent stone, white light is the most suitable.