The SOGENIUS S.A. company was founded in 1990. However, its main activities come back from the 60´s with the name of EUGENIOS. In 2002, NATSTONE S.A. was created with a particular focus on export.

As such, the whole Group has a large experience on the natural stones sector and benefits from a vast technological and creative know-how that has gone through several generations.

Our work has been recognized on several private projects, general construction and public buildings with large scale. We are mostly specialized on the work on natural stones such as: Cladding, Urban furniture, Exterior paving, Coverings and interior paving, Countertops, Fireplaces, Masonry work, cornerstones, etc. Our work is mainly characterized by its high personalization with the aim of better serving our clients.

In this context we also develop unique products in natural stone, such as historical stones, urban stones, luxury stones, deluxe stones, old stones, flooring stones, art stones, architectural stones, landscape stones and diverse other stone work. For this work, our investment on the latest technology, as well as diversification of natural stones and constant innovation on production methods have been our secret.

Our manufacturing area covers a total area of over 5.000m2 of covered area, a warehouse and a showroom with 2.000m2.